About Us

Who We Are

Orion Woodshop is a two person operation run by Reece and Ryan. They met and became friends at Keene State College, where they graduated in 2015. After college, Reece spent several years working in custom metal roofing and fabrication. Ryan worked in investment banking as well as management in a dentistry practice. During the later half of 2019 they began working together recreationally in Reece’s woodshop. During those times it became clear that their professional goals, process driven approach, and work styles were compatible. Working together became a regular occurance, as well as conversations about potentially forming a business. Then, in early 2020 when the Coronavirus Pandemic forced businesses to close their doors, Reece and Ryan found themselves with the time they needed to focus their efforts and make it official. In less than one month, enough work came in for both of them to leave their jobs and pursue a future for Orion Woodshop full time.